District News

Posted: 31 Dec 2021 10:24 PM

From: MN - ND District Directors

Bob and Renae Hicks

Any questions or comments, please let us know – always willing to meet and talk. 

Bob & Renae Hicks

MN - ND District Directors


612-210-5442 (B)

763-763-7948 (R)

May 2021 News

Posted: 30 Apr 2021 10:13 AM

Who is Ready for Riding! I know we are.

The old adage, "April Showers brings May Flowers" is truer than ever this year. A couple of the reasons for not riding much in April was the rain and lower than normal temps. Bad news is that May has higher rain fall (historically); but May also has higher temps (May average highs are about 70 degrees), we can work with a sprinkle….

Open Houses

We have checked with many of the dealers and this year, there is only one Open House (that we are aware of) - Moon Motorsports Open House on May 7th - 8th. On Saturday, the District will have an informational table handing out Chapter, District and National data.…

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April 2021 Newsletter

Posted: 31 Mar 2021 10:58 AM

Even Better as the Year goes on!

Riding is closer than ever! April is the month when we can start to ride - crossing our fingers, of course. Weather is looking up, so far. But the weather forecaster indicates that we usually get the last measurable snow between April 8th and April 16th.

Also, Open Houses are starting up again; the first one we know of is Moon Motorsport’s Open House (May 7th and 8th). While a little bit later this year (Moon’s has been the first weekend in April for some time), on Saturday the District will be manning a table to hand out literature to members and prospective members.

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March 2921 Newsletter

Posted: 28 Feb 2021 09:10 PM

Whoa, What happened to February? I must have missed it.

Weather is Looking Up!

March is the transition month from the winter to spring and opening up of facilities. we don’t think that we are telling anyone that this winter has been longer than usually, not only the weather, but the restaurant and meeting places shutdown. Very little places to go, so we have had digital meetings, through ZOOM.

With the COVID vaccines on the rise - for people that want to get them - and the reduction of COVID cases, we can plan out the NEW riding season with a little certainty that we can be riding.

Let’s be positive about the summer and get in many miles and visit our friends across the states. How many Summer Adventures have you planned? We have plans for Wing Ding, the MN-ND District Rally, the Mary Adams Memorial Ride In, There will be other District Rallies and Events, but these have been in the works for awhile. 

Spring Bike Inspections!

Have you had your bike serviced? Does the spring service get done at home? Or by a Motorcycle shop? Either way, now is the time. There are many web sites that list the inspection points when take you motorcycle out of winter storage. Continue Reading the Newsletter!

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January Newsletter

Posted: 29 Dec 2020 08:42 PM

Looking back at the year, we were sitting around asking ourselves, "What happened to 2020?" Not much to show for the year. In fact, the only 'real' trip we took was a Panama Cruise before everything was shutdown because of COVID. 

As we were sitting around on Christmas Day, I was also admiring the Christmas Tree that Renae crafted, very decorative using ornaments we had obtained while on our travels. Looking at the decorations, I realized that we would not have gone to those places without joining GWRRA. Why? Because we received many of the decorations at the rallies or locations while traveling with our GWRRA friends. Though most of the trimmings we acquired were on the motorcycle adventures, some were on non-motorcycle trips with our Goldwing Road Riders Association friends.

The New Year is around the corner! Let's Ride!

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